Driven by the digital transformation and the swift evolution of the Telecommunications industry, STRATUM’s strategy is the development of a structure of services and solutions that keep up with the challenges of the continuously evolving pace of this field, and a portfolio that is effectively aligned with the different demands of the major key stakeholders and players: Governments, Ministries, Regulatory Agencies, Operators, Service Providers, etc.
In the light of creating strategic, operational and financial advisory solutions that protect and enhance enterprise value, STRATUM has developed audit and revenue assurance solutions for Governments, Regulators and Ministries that arm them well with tools for rapid adjustment to market trends, regulating the Telecom sector, and securing and generating revenues.
STRATUM recommendations and offerings are refined by analytical thoroughness and expertise developed over of years of industry experience.
The Telecommunications industry is a rapidly changing landscape that had created a great need for telecom consulting.
Our Consultants are professional, objective and reliable Telecom experts, delivering essential telecommunications consulting services and advice on key challenges influencing the telecoms, and helping them unleash the wide opportunities new technological development brings.
Throughout their consulting engagements, our team of experts employ their extensive market knowledge and up-to-date, relevant industry expertise, and take an objective, non-bias approach in recommending required solutions to clients.
STRATUM team’s engagement doesn’t stop after having chosen the right solution, but rather continues in supporting the client - as they believe that the process of consultancy is to continuously deliver value-adding services.
Research & Development (R&D) Division
The Internet has transformed the process of innovation in telecoms. Few industries can rival the rate of innovation seen within the telecommunications sector over the past decade.
This had been quickening the pace of technological change, putting traditional organizational structures under great pressure and raising some fundamental strategic issues for the industry. As with companies, so with countries: some have moved much more quickly than others to ensure that their telecoms markets are open to innovation.
STRATUM is accompanying this revolutionary trend in the industry through its strong involvement in research and investment in innovation ecosystems, in an effort to anticipate changes and emerging trends in the digital world.
With a mind-set geared to learning, research, exploration, and experimentation, the STRATUM team is adopting the blue-sky thinking as ongoing research always generates opportunities, as well as the Open Innovation (OI) approach in order to rapidly develop novel solutions.